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Remote Energy Healing

Receive healing in the comfort of your own home.  During remote healing sessions, I work with my spirit guides to facilitate physical and emotional healing.   During appointments, I meditate while tuning into my clients (located anywhere in the world), who are also in a meditative, receptive state (lying in bed or being in a quiet and serene environment are beneficial). 


Sessions may consist of my providing intentional healing to certain areas of your body, receiving certain impressions or insights about your health and healing, and non-medical “prescriptions” or suggestions that I’m guided to share with you.  These may include my impressions about the underlying "source" of the pain or dis-ease, and suggestions for healing such as movement/exercise, specific herbs or supplements, and other supportive therapies specific to your needs.


Sessions typically run 50 minutes, with a 10 minute telephone check in for us to meet and establish a connection, followed by a twenty minute remote healing/meditation, and ending with a 20 minute phone conversation to debrief).  



Psychic Mediumship Readings

Psychic mediumship readings are typically done over the phone or on zoom. Once we have arranged an appointment, I begin tuning into your primary concern(s).  Much of the information I obtain comes to me through dreams and images that flow to me in the days preceding your reading, including information brought forth for your highest good, from both of our ancestors, guides and angels.


Sessions are approximately 60-75 minutes.  I typically begin by sharing my initial impressions, then you are welcome to ask questions.  Please come prepared with written questions and an open heart and mind.  

Both services are a sliding scale of $150-100 and can be paid directly via PayPal, before your appointment.  




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