Services & Products

Remote Energy Healing

Receive healing in the comfort of your own home.  During remote healing sessions, I work with my spirit guides to facilitate physical and emotional healing.   During appointments, I meditate while tuning into my clients (located anywhere in the world), who are also in a meditative, receptive state (lying in bed or being in a quiet and serene environment are beneficial).  Sessions may consist of my providing intentional healing to certain areas of your body, receiving certain impressions or insights about your health and healing (which I will share with you on the phone directly following the session), and non-medical “prescriptions” or suggestions that I’m guided to share with you.  This may include meditation imagery, impressions about the underlying "source" of the pain or dis-ease, suggestions for movement (such as specific yoga postures), herbs, or other supportive therapies.  Sessions typically run 40 minutes, with a twenty minute remote healing/meditation, followed by a 20 minute phone conversation to debrief).  


Intuitive Counseling & Readings

Psychic, intuitive and/or mediumship readings and consultations can be done in person or over the phone. Once we have arranged an appointment, I begin tuning into your primary concern(s).  Much of the information I obtain comes to me through dreams and images that flow to me in the days just preceding the reading, including information brought forth for you from your ancestors.  Sessions are typically one hour.


How to prepare for an intuitive counseling session and/or reading:


  • Write down your questions.  This list is for you to focus on what you hope to get from the reading. 

  • You can provide me with scanned/email photo(s) of the people you are asking about (living or deceased). Although not necessary, it does create a powerful connection for me and can sometimes result in a more in-depth reading. 

  • Relax. Pray. Meditate. The more open you are, the easier it is for the energy to connect. Even if you feel you may not be open, your intention of seeking guidance is simply enough.

  • Trust the process.  You may not get exactly what you were expecting, but most readings provide just what you need to gain healing and deeper understanding of your concerns (see my blog for examples of client readings).  




Introducing Sacred Bath Soups

After a life-changing and transformational 2017, along with trips to Mexico where I was immersed in healing ceremony and rituals with local curanderas (indigenous healers), I became more deeply intrigued by the healing property of plants, or plants as medicine for the mind, body, and soul.  Plant medicine has since become a calling.

Having received deep healing, both physically and emotionally during a Temezcal (sweat lodge) where cacao, honey, aloe and other plants were utilized, I was inspired to develop my own approach to utilizing the medicine found in plants to help my clients heal.  

Combining my love of gardening, flowers, cooking, and healing, I make custom "Sacred Bath Soups" for clients to add to their bath water to create "spiritual baths", a long held custom in many cultures, but pretty much lost to "modern man".

After consulting with you, I intuitively develop a custom "soup" that will benefit you on many levels.  I provide you with instructions for creating your very own sacred healing bath ceremony at your own home.  

Bath soup ingredients include locally and seasonally available fresh fruits, roots, herbs, spices, honey, oils, flowers and non-toxic plants such as aloe and jade.  Soups are strained so they can easily be washed down the drain, or sprayed on the body (or other places such as beds or into the air).  

Your Spiritual Bath Soup package includes a 20 minute consultation (in person or on the phone), instructions for your ceremonial bath, and one quart of custom bath soup (with ingredients list).  Package may also include items such as crystals, Palo Santo, sage, or other healing tools as I am guided.