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"Alisa has given me emotional and spiritual support during a very difficult time in my life, the loss of my Beloved. Because of her commitment and deep level integrity to her work, her words and images rang true for me and she brought a sense of peace and joy to my heart.  As Alisa channels, there is no doubt that Spirit is present and wanting to be heard through her. I have recommended her to many people and everyone’s experience has been a blessing. She is my friend and my teacher and I am grateful for the work she is doing in the world."  ~Sue


"(My reading) was so right on that I asked my friend (who referred me to Alisa) if she told her my story. I asked her again and again!  Alisa gave me validation. I had been going through some things and she knew about them without me telling her. Thanks, Alisa."  ~Jessica


"Alisa came into my life at a time of great challenge and transition for me. Like a breath of fresh air, the balance of her humble, honest and compassionate nature inspired a deep felt trust within minutes of our conversation. Alisa gave me my first reading over the phone. As she spoke of my past and present circumstances, I was dumbfounded by her accuracy. She spoke to my heart and soul with such insight! I found transcendental healing in her words… as though they were setting me free." ~Beth


"Alisa passed on a message to me from my grandmother, who passed away forty years ago.  I never had the opportunity to meet either of my grandparents, and had only heard stories thru my father or other relatives about them.  The message was comprehensive, accurate and emotional. 


It would be difficult for me to try to express the meaning, feelings and emotions behind this message.  They range from scared, elated, remorseful, but mostly gratified.  I am forever grateful for the connection I was able to make with my grandmother thru Alisa’s abilities." ~Julie


"In my peripheral circle for a long time, but without strong direct knowledge of my life’s story, Alisa intuitively touched into the ‘morphic field’ of myself and my life with an inspired vision. Her reading brought a clear and profoundly important multidimensional perspective that awoke & expanded my innate self-knowing at a very necessary time." ~ H.

I recently took part in one of Alisa’s customized, Sacred Bath Soup Ceremonies.  Although I utilize additional services that contribute to my growth and transformation, I have never experienced anything quite like Alisa’s brand of healing… the ceremony was profound and beautiful.   Every part of the deeply healing experience was customized to me - from the creation of the bath soup to the healing modalities that supported the ceremony.  I felt held and guided through a ceremony of healing by a deeply gifted and intuitive healer. 



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