My friends often tease me that I'm an idealist who walks around wearing rose colored glasses.  If that is true, I wouldn't change it.  I call it "beginner's mind" - the Buddhist term for always seeing things with a fresh perspective and avoiding assumptions based on past experience.


Let's face it, life is at times harsh and painful, and I have experienced much of it first hand, both personally and professionally in my challenging career, in social services.


My photography is driven by a few primary elements:  light, composition, and color.  I curate images that evoke loving, passionate, inspired and/or peaceful emotions in the viewer.  


I especially enjoy photographing reflections, so that the viewer is invited to look beyond the obvious image to see what lies beneath the surface, or behind the reflection in say, a shop window, or a shiny object (I consider myself a visual magpie).  


I truly enjoy exploring different cultures and having meaningful cultural exchanges.  There is so much beauty in life, and we place much too little emphasis on it.  


My photos are from my travels near and far, all around the U.S., as well as France, Croatia, Canada and Mexico.


I'm developing a coffee table book of my photos entitled, "My Life in Color".

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