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Recalling My First Readings on CompuServe

1994 was the real advent of the internet and CompuServe, which as a new mother opened an entire world to me to connect with others who shared my interest in all things metaphysical and spiritual. I joined a “psychic development” group and we began practicing our psychic abilities with one another. This was a great approach, as I could do it from the comfort of my own home while my baby slept, and there was no judgment, only support and encouragement by like-minded people.

One of my first experiences was practicing remote viewing. I partnered up with Fred, who lived in Florida. Other than an interest in developing his psychic abilities, I knew nothing more about him. So Fred sat in a receptive state while I tuned into him.

Soon, I found myself looking through his eyes. I looked down and could see large hands resting near the computer keyboard. I “looked around” and found myself in his home office, with photos of him in the Navy and with family. I could see the furniture and look out the window. It was quite startling, as I’d never done anything like this before. I guessed him to be retirement age.

Once I had completed my virtual tour, I shared my impressions with him. He confirmed most of what I saw; his age, the set-up of the room, him being in the Navy and the photographs on his large wooden desk. He felt I had gotten around 80% of it right. Thrilled, I continued developing my psychic abilities through practice with my on-line group.

A year later, I was spending hours on CompuServe with my metaphysical community, and at that time, we paid by the minute and my monthly bills were running hundreds of dollars. Fortunately, CompuServe reached out and offered me with free service if I’d provide 10 email psychic readings to their customers each week (I never did learn how they knew about my success with practice readings and selected me). I accepted their offer, and started doing email readings (one question only) in exchange for free service. It provided me the opportunity to continue honing my skills and building my confidence. Customers were to write to me via the forum, but once a woman wrote to me at my personal email address asking only, “Will my son be alright?” It was late and so I decided I would respond to her the next day. However, spirit was not to have it.

I woke up at midnight knowing what happened to her son, and knowing I must write her at once. She was desperate. I wrote her and said, “He’s 21 and he’s had a nervous breakdown (is he bi-polar?). But he’s somewhere near Kansas City, and he’s in a shelter and getting help from people. I think he’ll be ok.”

She responded right away, confirming he was, in fact, bi-polar and had a psychotic break, and disappeared. She was very relieved to know he wasn’t alone, was getting help, and she confirmed that it was likely that he was in Kansas City (she could now start checking in with homeless shelters to search for him). She was deeply relieved and I was deeply gratified to provide such reassurance to her. I was also amazed that my guides had provided me with such precise information based only on a single question sent by email.

A final story also comes from another email question I received. A woman, Diane, wrote me about her missing husband and wanted to know if he was alive or not. As I tuned in, I saw a handsome man with wavy brunette hair and a beard, drowning. He was clothed, and he was angry at himself. Knowing he would die, he felt tremendous remorse at having been so careless as to break the heart of the woman he loved so much, by leaving her behind.

With trepidation, I wrote Diane and told her, “Take this with a grain of salt – it may be completely untrue, but this is what I saw…” She wrote me back, saying that her husband was adventuring in Alaska when he went missing on his snowmobile. Conditions challenged a thorough search, and she was awaiting news. A few days later, the search concluded that he had driven his snowmobile into a break in the ice, and had in fact, most likely drowned.

Diane was bereft and heartbroken at having my reading confirmed. Unlike any other client I’d had before, she and I began corresponding; she needed to maintain a connection to him and he came through me quite strongly with words of love and affection (and regret) for her. After a few months, I gently ended our communication – there was nothing left for to say. She asked for my address, so she could send me a gift as thanks.

Soon, I received a handmade Alaskan Christmas ornament – an Eskimo fisherman, along with a photo of her husband Greg. He was exactly as I had seen him in my visions. I still think fondly of Diane and Greg years later, and particularly at Christmas when I hang the ornament.

I’m glad I was able to offer her information, comfort and a loving connection to her lost husband, until she was able to begin moving forward on her own. I (and our guides) gave them the opportunity to say good-bye and to express their sincere love for one another, which they would not have been able to do otherwise, bringing both of them some sense of closure, in the face of such tragedy.

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