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  • Alisa K. Moore

Tinkerbell Lives

I was doing my morning meditation, listening to a beautiful and transformative “Opening Heart Chakra” sound healing by Tom Kenyon ( In a very relaxed and blissful state, I offered up the sincerest desire to be of service in that moment, and waited to see what would come.

Whoooosh! In flitted a sparkly Tinkerbell ball of shimmering light. The ball of energy was bright, pure, and joyful. She introduced herself as the sister of an acquaintance of mine. Aurora had lost her sister several years before, from cancer. I recalled meeting her sister briefly some 15 years before, and immediately recognized this energy as Silvina.

Well, Silvina had a lot she wanted to say – she “showed” me how much pain the family was in following her death; that relationships had fractured, that her parents needed to forgive their surviving children for something that had occurred around her funeral, that she wanted her sister, Aurora, to know that she follows her niece around (like a hover-mom) to keep her safe, and most of all, she wanted her family to be supportive of her husband and sons – that she, Silvina, had found him a new wife, and she wanted them to give their blessing – “Peter needs a wife and the boys need a mother; they’ve suffered so much and are lost without me!” She also wanted her sister to stop pursuing the guy she was in love with, “He’s no good – he’ll never be faithful!” I communed with Silvina for quite some time, her high energy surging through my body, her desire to connect, to reassure, and to sooth her sister, with whom she’d been best friends, it seemed.

I got Aurora’s number from a mutual friend and nervously dialed her number. Once I explained why I was reaching out, Silvina took over the reins. As a channel, I usually act as a translator. The deceased soul speaks to me in images and I translate those into words and interpret what they mean (and also ask for my clients’ input when it’s unclear to me). In this case, and probably because I had met Silvina once, she came directly through me and I found myself speaking to Aurora as Silvina, her lovely energy surging through me until she had said everything she needed to get off her chest!

An hour later, we were processing all that Silvina had shared, and also reveling in the sparkling Tinkerbell energy she emitted. I had known nothing of Silvina, except that she was a devoted mom who fought a brave battle against cancer. What I didn’t know was how close she was with her niece (“I’m her real mom”!), how integral she’d been to family communications and harmony, and how bossy and directive she was (in a loving way). She had been the glue that held the family together. The call ended with Aurora feeling happy and relieved to receive details that confirmed her sister’s continued existence, and her ongoing care and concern about her and the family…I’d shared details that were so personal, specific, and unknown to me, that there was no way to doubt her presence.

Yet a few days later, I got another “hit” from Silvina. She let me know that Aurora was going into denial about the reading and started believing that I just wanted to make her feel better, and that maybe somehow, I had learned about the details of her life before the call.

A couple of weeks prior, I’d eaten at a wonderful hole-in-the-wall that I always stop at when I’m in Napa. Now Silvina was showing me that very same tiny Mexican restaurant and the image of her family sitting at the front table, six of them, celebrating a birthday. She said, “Tell Aurora I was there with them! Then she’ll believe you!”

I called Aurora and told her that Silvina had “reached out” to me again, and expressed concern that Aurora was minimizing our conversation and starting to feel I had called just to help her feel better. She confirmed Silvina's feelings. I shared Silvina’s new message about the birthday party at Pedro’s and described the scene and the exact table they’d sat at. Aghast, Aurora told me that they had just celebrated their mother’s birthday at Pedro's the very day before I had eaten there two weeks before! I finished Silvina’s message, “I was there, too! You need to tell mom and dad, I'm still here!” Until now, Aurora hadn’t dared tell her parents about her “crazy psychic reading” with me, fearing how they would react. But now she had indisputable evidence that I wasn’t making anything up, simply to make her feel better.


Aurora told her parents about Silvina’s messages and her earnest desire that the family return to harmony, that they support her husband and sons in moving forward, and that her niece be told that she’s always with her. Aurora heeded her sister's message about the "Playboy". Great healing has come to the family, most especially for Aurora who so much needed to know that her sister remains close, connected, and involved. And that there bond can never be broken, even by what we call death.

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