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About Alisa

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

I had a very unusual childhood. I was born in California and by age 12, I’d lived in San Diego, in a San Francisco high rise, in a ghetto neighborhood of Richmond, in a funky rental home in rural Crockett, aboard a 30′ sailboat on Bainbridge Island, Washington, and in the suburbs of Omaha, Nebraska.

Having rejected the dogma of their Methodist upbringings, my parents embraced all things Eastern, including Zen Buddhism. I would describe them as intellectuals, always studying and reading a variety of topics including palmistry, sustainable living, organic gardening, yoga, and the I-Ching.

From a young age, I was taught about reincarnation and told that we choose and create our own realities. At age 11, I was initiated into Transcendental Meditation by a disciple of the Maharishi, a friend of my mother’s with whom we lived communally following my parents divorce.

A year later, I moved in with my father, his new wife and her three children to a suburb of Omaha and lived a pretty typical midwestern existence through college.

During occasional visits with my mother, she shared many metaphysical and spiritual books with me. The Power of Your Subconscious Mind, The Holographic Universe, and books by Carl Jung, Jane Roberts (The Seth Material), Edgar Cayce and Ruth Montgomery. These books led me on a life long exploration of metaphysics, Jungian psychology, dream research, the psychic, occult, and spirituality that has been more compelling to me than anything else.

As a youth, I had many precognitive dreams (dreams that later came true) and I longed to channel this intuitive “gift” into something helpful.

While living on a sailboat in Sausalito, I sat in the cockpit one day, meditating and reading Sanaya Roman’s book, Opening to Channel. A couple walked by who were acquaintances of my parents, who lived on their boat in a neighboring marina. I received a strong image that he had cheated on her, and I could feel the strain between them as they walked by. I mentioned this to my parents. They confirmed that he had cheated on her, and that they were trying to make it work, but she was very angry and couldn’t forgive him (they soon divorced).

Later, I dreamt that my maternal grandmother, whom I had not seen in over 20 years, stood behind a screen door, smiled, and said good-bye to me. She was very peaceful and eager to move on. I wrote her a letter, which she was very happy to receive just before she died a week later. Things like this continued to happen, however, I had no way of channeling this “gift” into something purposeful or useful for others, which was my keenest desire.

With the advent of the internet in the mid-90's, I joined an on-line psychic development community, where I had the chance to practice with others. I found that I could provide very accurate readings by email. I gained enough of a reputation that CompuServe hired me to provide 10 email readings per week in exchange for free service.

Meanwhile, I continued developing my psychic ability by taking on-line classes and practicing with my virtual classmates. One of my early “experiments” involved remote viewing. I "entered" a classmate’s office in Florida by imagining myself looking “through his eyes”. I literally felt as though I was inside of him, looking down at his hands and keyboard, then looking around his room at pictures where I saw him dressed as a naval officer, among other things. As a result of my virtual "tour", I was able to give him an accurate reading about his surroundings, and then describe him with what he said was 80% accuracy.

The mid 90s were a rich time in my life. I gave birth to my son and attended graduate school, studying clinical psychology at San Francisco State University. I began reading for people over the telephone and occasionally in person. Over the years I have maintained a small practice providing psychic and channeled readings, counseling, and massage therapy.


Once a client makes an appointment with me, I start receiving impressions and dreams related to that person. It also helps to have a client's birthdate, because I will incorporate numerology into a reading if I have that information (however, it isn't necessary).

Although I am deeply gratified by my career developing and managing social service programs for homeless and foster youth, nothing excites more than this work, my calling. Nothing brings me more joy than assisting others to attain peace and closure in the face of loss, to gain understanding about current life challenges, and to ease their suffering.

I am honored to serve each and every client, for I am also impacted and moved by the work of spirit, and sharing this gift is a blessing to us both.


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