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In my last post, I discussed precognitive dreams and shared one specific example. I have had precognitive dreams all my life, mostly related to emotionally charged events such as fires and accidents.

For years, I thought, what's the point of having dreams like this, that are not of use to anyone, nor channeled into something helpful?

However, as I began doing readings for people in the 90's, I noticed that once a client had made an appointment with me, I would start receiving mental impressions of their situation or concerns, and I also had dreams that didn't seem to relate to anything about my own life and concerns.

Using my imagination, I "ran" with these impressions, and created imaginary stories or scenarios about my client. This felt (and continues to feel) as if I'm just making up a story. As you read in my last post, I used my imagination to connect the woman's orange jumpsuit to Southern California, because of my associations of orange to my aunties and to oranges grown there. And I used my imagination to guess that she was the pilot's mother. I was able to fill in many of the details of the actual event, using both the images from my dream, and the scenario I "made up" based on free association and imagination.

When providing a reading for a client, I try to avoid censoring the images I receive. Something that might sound silly to me like, "I have Mrs. Beasley here", turns out to be my client's beloved dog that recently passed away. Or I hear a silly quote from a Rocky movie and find out that was an "inside joke" between the wife I am reading for and her beloved husband who is on the other side. Or I see a golf pro dressed in a yellow polo shirt and green plaid shorts, claiming to be my client's guide, and sure enough, when I share that, she confirms that his name is Tom.

My point is that most of the time, I feel as though I'm just using my imagination to make stuff up about others, however, it so happens that most of it is usually on target.

Try it sometime...make a game of it...then check it out and see how often you "get it right". I bet it's more often than you'd think!

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