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Precognitive dreams

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

Last June, I had three precognitive dreams, all of which came true the next month. Again this June, I had three dreams, all of which also felt "precognitive". For me, a precognitive dream has a different quality than ordinary dreams, where we merely process our daily "stuff". These dreams are particularly vivid and real. And I'm not just a participant in the dream, but a lucid observer. This summer, two of the three deams have come to pass, and one is described here.

In my dream, I was standing in a large parking lot of a Walmart, with a Home Depot and Costo nearby. It was a sunny day and a small plane was taking off from behind the buildings, but couldn’t gain altitude. The plane made several sharp turns, but ultimately crashed in the parking lot. I also observed a Target store logo on the plane’s tail.

In my dream, as the plane came down, I locked eyes with the elderly female passenger (who I guessed was the mother of the pilot, and who was sitting in the front seat of the cockpit) just as she realized she was going to die. She was terrified, but then became peaceful and serene. Then the plane unexpectedly veered again and crashed.

Using free association following the dream, I surmised that this plane would crash in Florida or Southern California because the woman who died was older (and possibly a "snow bird"), had short gray hair that was dyed blond, she was thin and tan, and she wore a fashionable one-piece, orange jump suit which reminded me of how my great aunts dressed in Southern California back in the 60’s. Using my imagination I also connected the orange of the jumpsuit to oranges, grown largely in Southern California and Florida.

Two weeks later, the actual crash occured in a parking lot of a Target and Costco in San Diego. The passenger was in fact the mother of the pilot. As in my dream, it was a sunny day and the pilot couldn’t gain altitude upon takeoff and crash landed in the parking lot (thankfully, no shoppers were killed, due to the pilot’s great skill). The details I missed were 1) I thought it was a cargo plane due to the big box stores/Target logo, and 2) I thought the pilot was male (aren't all pilots male???)

On a final and synchronous note, the pilot and her mother were taken to the very hospital where I was born, Sharp Memorial.

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